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Say goodbye to hacky form to email & bootstrapped form backends

SnipForms are the future

of secure, feature-rich forms

Build your spam free form backend in under 2 minutes using markup only

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SnipForm is a developer-focused form-engine that simplifies the process of building feature-reach forms; enabling you to create a great user experience for your customers in minutes, instead of hours.

Ideal for Jamstack and static sites

How It Works

SnipForm takes your regular form and turns it into a small state-managed 'app' that you can control with SnipForm's simple directives; all in your markup.

No more worrying about validating data, handling errors, storing data, emailing your forms, securing forms from bots or showing results pages.

Let SnipForm do the back-end work for you.


Create a new form in SnipForm, and generate your form's secure key.


Add the SnipForm Javascript to your site (only ~65 KiB), and then wrap your form in <snip-form> tags.


Add validation, error handling, and more to your HTML form, using markup only.

Why Developers Love SnipForm

Developers choose SnipForm for its easy setup and unmatched developer experience.

With simple directives implemented directly within the markup, developers can manage all aspects of their form's functionality whilst keeping full control over their form design.

Additionally, SnipForm saves validated submissions and emails them to users, with the option of integrating with Slack and/or sending the data to their own webhook.

The entire form experience remains inline, without any page refreshes or redirects; plus built-in spam protection eliminates the need for fiddling with recaptchas. These features saves developers a lot of time and money.

Field validation and errors

This is how easy it is to add field validation and error handling, so that users can have a smooth experience when using your form.

Loading and result content

This is how easy it is to surface loading and results content on your page, after a form has been completed by a user.


SnipForm integrates with the tools you already use.

SnipForm integrates with Slack, having all your form submissions post directly to a Slack channel of your choice.

Once logged in, navigate to your form's settings and simply click on the
'Add to Slack' button to authenticated your Slack workspace & select a channel.

SnipForm integrates with webhooks, allowing you to send your form submissions to any endpoint of your choice.

In your form's settings, click 'Add a webhook' and enter the URL of your webhook. We will then send a POST request to your webhook with an OTP to confirm that you have access to the endpoint.

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Starter Plan

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For individuals and hobbyists starting out


  • Up to 5 forms
  • Unlimited form views
  • Unlimited form submits

The Basics

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For small businesses looking to have their forms secure and on brand


  • Up to 10 forms
  • Unlimited form views
  • Unlimited form submits
  • SnipForm branding removed

Business Plan

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For businesses that require the freedom to scale up


  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited form views
  • Unlimited form submits
  • SnipForm branding removed

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